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If you are an education agent with an active Fanshawe VAS account, you can submit student applications here.

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New Agent Application - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

There are two important steps involved in becoming an education partner with Fanshawe College – the application and the training modules.

Successful completion of both the application and the training modules is mandatory to become an education partner with Fanshawe College.

The Application

Fanshawe College works with a select group of agents around the world. Our selection will be based on the preferred criteria below:

  1. If in Canada, your agency is a registered member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (formerly ICCRC)
  2. You have a minimum of two recent references from educational institutions your agency has worked with – ideally institutions within Canada (not required).

If at least one of the above statements is true for your agency, please complete the online application (by clicking Continue below) to be considered for an agreement in your market. After you submit your application, you can move to the training modules.

The Training Modules

Fanshawe College has created a series of online training modules (city of London, the admission process, paying by Flywire, etc) for new agents. Each module takes only a couple minutes to complete. There is a question to answer after each module and a completion certificate at the end. You can request access once your application has been submitted. If your agency has access to the Panda portal, you can access our training here, or search for ‘Fanshawe College’ in Panda portal. If not, please sign up here and request access to Fanshawe training. If approved, you will receive access to our training modules so you can get started.


Because of high volume, we are not currently accepting new agent applications from Nepal, India or Nigeria. You are welcome to complete the application, and we will contact you when the situation changes.